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Cenital Drone Barcelona
Cenital is a drone operator in Spain, based in Barcelona.

We offer aerial drone services in Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Bilbao, and many more. Rent your Spanish drone operator for your professional services. Cinema, tv serials, real state, corporate events, solar farms inspections are some of our drone services we can offer. We listen to our clients providing professional results according to their needs.

We have drones for each job
Mavic 2

The Mavic 2 is a small, fast and reliable drone designed to offer professional results for tighter budgets. Weddings, corporate events, videos for companies, among others.

Drone Barcelona - Matrice
Matrice 210 RTK

With the diversity of cameras available, in this case they can be offered a Zenmuse XT2 thermal imager and a Z30 with x30 optical zoom and x6 digital zoom, various tasks can be carried out such as the Inspection of solar panels, power lines, monitoring of work, cartography, among others.

Drone Barcelona - Inspire
Inspire 2

The work tool that we use the most. Fast, reliable, relatively small and amazing image quality. Due to its size it is easy to transport by hand and even for air travel since its batteries meet IATA requirements for easy transport.

Photography / Filming

We can provide different drones and cameras depending on the requested service and with our experience, for sure we can satisfy the most challenging projects.


Professional and qualified team able to work throughout the national territory offering spectacular results.


Drones are already a key piece in the development and promotion of events, obtaining amazing aerial images.


We carry out orthophotos, 3d models, aerial project documentation and other specialized services upon request.

Aerial filming with drones in Barcelona

We are authorized to carry out filming in controlled airspace, in crowded buildings and at night flights.

Aerial photography with drones in Barcelona

Professional and qualified team capable of working throughout the national territory offering spectacular results.

FPV racing drones

These types of small drones offer a unique and different experience than ever seen before.

Construction monitoring with drones

Construction companies such as Cruz Jara for the projects of Leroy Merlin, Bricomart, Vienna, Lidl ... endorse us.

Matrice 300 for lidar drone service in Barcelona

A LiDAR + RGB solution for aerial surveying tasks with drones

Drone solar panel inspections services with thermal imaging

This technique with drones has entered strongly due to its fast and reliable execution.

Drones for precision agriculture

This technological system is designed to change work systems and crop management.

Drone wind turbine & blade inspection services

Team of specialists in offering drone services for wind farm inspection.

Photogrammetry with drones in Barcelona

The images of a terrain or surface in real time are crucial to carry out topographical, industrial, real estate tasks or simply to update your company's database.

Hundreds of flight hours
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