Drone AI intelligence for Solar site owners & datacollectors

We are a professional drone services company team in Barcelona, Fully Licensed, Legal and Insured.
Value of Drones for Solar Farm Inspections:
Rapid and Easy scans for Roof tops and arrays
Hot spot identification showing defective cells / Geotagged image
Diagnostic purpose / planning of Panel placement
Infrared signatures show defective panels
Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency
Save time with pre-selected way point aerial inspections

We have one of the best aerial platforms for this type of services, a DJI Matrice 210 with XT2.

Supervisión aérea construcción
Our key objective is to identify the faulty Solar Panels so they can be replaced by the manufacturers, maximize output/efficiency and proactively addressing issues thus minimizing maintenance cost. We leverage drone Thermal Imaging and Aerial Inspections to provide accurate and detailed inspections quicker and more cost effectively.
Hundreds of flight hours
Do we start your drone filming?
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