Photography / Filming

We can provide different drones and cameras depending on the requested service and with our experience, for sure we can satisfy the most challenging projects.

Drones for weddings in Barcelona

Team of specialists in wedding filming with drone.

Drones for sporting events

Team of specialists in filming sports events with drone.

Drones for motor events

Formula 1, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Infinity, Ford, Red Bull, Aston Martin, Mahindra, ... are just some of the motor companies that trust us.

Work monitoring with drone

Construction companies such as Cruz Jara for the projects of Leroy Merlin, Bricomart, Vienna, Lidl ... endorse us.

Drone services for tourism markeitng

Team of specialists in obtaining images with drone for tourist promotions, hotels, hotel complexes, among others.

Drones for solar inspections

This technique with drones has entered strongly due to its fast and reliable execution.

Drones for precision agriculture

This technological system is designed to change work systems and crop management.

Drones for wind farm inspections

Team of specialists in offering drone services for wind farm inspection.

FPV racing drones

These types of small drones offer a unique and different experience than ever seen before.


Professional and qualified team able to work throughout the national territory offering spectacular results.


Drones are already a key piece in the development and promotion of events, obtaining amazing aerial images.


We carry out orthophotos, 3d models, aerial project documentation and other specialized services upon request.

Hundreds of flight hours
Do we start your drone filming?
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